The Wonderopolis Explorer Program is HERE!

Explorer Program Free Sample

Explorer Program Free Sample

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This free promotional sample contains one day of lesson plans and materials lists, in addition to book lists and other activities! 


The Wonderopolis Explorer Program is a 10-week learning experience with easy-to-follow lesson plans and hands-on activities for out-of-school time learners. It is designed to engage groups with content from, an award-winning website provided by the National Center for Families Learning

Each Explorer Program activity includes step-by-step instructions to support facilitators in guiding learners as they investigate a topic and engage in project-based learning.

Developed as a “camp” learning concept, these lessons are easily adaptable for families, homeschooling co-ops, and other out-of-school learning opportunities. 

Explorer Program

  • Turnkey program for out-of-school learning
  • Customizable package with up to 10 weeks of content—each with a different theme:
    • Week 1:   Exploration
    • Week 2:   Musical Instruments
    • Week 3:   Insects
    • Week 4:   Art
    • Week 5:   Earth
    • Week 6:   Myths & Legends
    • Week 7:   Dinosaurs
    • Week 8:   Health
    • Week 9:   Engineering
    • Week 10: Traditions
  • Orientation video included with each purchase
  • Wonderopolis swag package and technical assistance call included with purchase of Explorer Bundle
  • Wonders of the Day® available in multiple languages on
  • Approximately three hours of content included in each day of activities


The Explorer Bundle includes:

  • Digital facilitation guides and lesson plans for all 10 weeks (50 lesson plans) with suggested materials lists and maker activities – all downloadable!
  • Prerecorded orientation video
  • 30-minute technical assistance call (upon request)
  • Swag package for 10 students and 2 adults


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