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About Inquiry

in·quir·y /ˈinkwərē/


  • 1. an act of asking for information: "a reporter from New York makes inquiriessynonyms question, query

Your curious about something. You ask a question about that something. In doing so, you are seeking additional information. You are also seeking knowledge about the subject, or perhaps even trying to discover the truth among a lot of false information. Perhaps you want to discover the facts.

Most of us inquire about things, every day. 

Scientists do it all the time. They analyze a question through observation, evidence, forming a hypothesis, and coming to a conclusion.

Police detectives do too, when they investigate crimes and use forensic science.

Teachers may inquire and pick your brain about things you know--or don't!

Musicians might wonder what would happen if they formed a melody in a certain way.

Your parents may inquire about your recent activities? (Did you brush your teeth? Is your homework finished? What did you do today at school?)

Inquiry and curiosity are close cousins. They go hand in hand. What have you inquired about lately? 

Maybe the subject of your inquiry is one of the Wonders of the Day on Have you checked it out lately?